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The Story behind ASK Foundation
feed the hungry program

Nourishing Neighbours

Our Nourishing Neighbours program feeds 400 people across Canada every week. our volunteers and sponsors help us assemble the meal bags and deliver them to the homeless.

feed the hungry program


Many of our programs are Zakat eligible. We have a Zakat policy that has been carefully developed in consultation with scholars and we ensure that 100% of Zakat goes towards eligible programming.
donation to feed the hungry

Where Most Needed

Support Ask Foundation growth as a leading national provider of support services for women, children and families. Your donation here will allow us to put funds to where we need it the most to help the organization to grow and serve more people.
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Your donation here will go to support key Ask Foundation programming across the country, from our shelter services, to our mental health therapy program, to our food service program, as well as support our staff and core costs that are needed to help us advance our vision of a society where everyone has safety, serenity, and strength.
feeding hungry

Women's Shelter

Our Women’s Shelters program supports shelters for women and children by providing them with food and meals. we provide food and meals for over 50 women and children residing in shelters every month.

Food Bank

The People’s Market is a program that is done in partnership with Sakeenah Homes. ASK Foundation supports the program by providing fresh produce along with toiletries.

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